About Us

Arianna’s Bakery had its beginnings in the early 90’s when Arianna, just out of school, began to work at a local bakery. At the age of 17 she had an opportunity to begin baking right out of her Mother’s kitchen serving farmers markets. With the support of her parents, Arianna’s Bakery was established in 1996.

With the Lord’s blessing, the bakery began to grow and in 2009 it was moved to a new location in New Holland PA into an efficient, state of the art facility that was able to help meet the demands as customers began to discover where the wonderful PUMPKIN ROLL came from.

The purpose of Arianna’s Bakery has always been to produce a superior product with simple ingredients and a taste that will bring you back for more. We strive for quality, excellent customer service, and a great experience. All of our cake rolls are rolled by hand and packaged personally .

We invite you to stop by our retail store for a sweet treat and a cup of your favorite coffee or espresso drink. It is our desire that you would feel the Love of Jesus Christ and the power of His Saving Grace today.

What our customers are saying:

Best Red Velvet Cake I’ve ever eaten. Not usually a fan of Red Velvet Cake; purchased for son-in-law for Thanksgiving dinner at my house. He raved about it and I’m now a fan. The cream cheese filling was also a hit. The filling listed the same ingredients I use but was better than mine by far. Confused about listed ingredients for the cake/roll though. Lists pumpkin and applesauce as part of the ingredients of the cake, but I’ve never heard of these two ingredients being used in a red velvet cake/roll recipe. I purchased this item at a local store called Richardsons on Ebenezer Road in Baltimore. Would like to know where else I can purchase Arianna’s products in the Baltimore area. I would definitely like to try some of her other selections.

— Della Schaub in Middle River, MD